Online Language Classes at ACI now available

Learn a language at your own pace from home with the ACI Baobab Center. 
ACI Baobab Center capitalizes over 35 years of experience in language instruction and works with students and individuals from countries all around the world. We have a solid team of experienced teachers on staff. 
Learn French, Wolof, Serer, Pulaar, Joola, Mandinka, etc. in a very short period of time. Our programs are tailored to meet the student’s needs. You will have a:  
  • Placement Test
  • Formative Assessment Tests
  • Summative Assessment Test
Register now by clicking here or Telephone + WhatsApp: +221 77 523 45 92

Upcoming Language Group Classes!

To satisfy our prospect clients, the ACI Baobab Center has scheduled group language classes starting on June, 1st 2020.

Group Class Schedule:

  • June 1st - July 1st: Beginners French 1&2, and Beginners Wolof
  • August 1st - September 1st: Intermediate French 1&2, and Intermediate Wolof
  • October 1st - November 1st: Advanced French or Wolof

Group Class Details:

  • Classes are offered Monday through Friday, for 4 hours a day
  • The cost of a group class is CFA 8000/per student
  • Registration fees and welcome pack: CFA 17.500
  • Placement Test: CFA 6000
  • French Exercise Book: CFA 21.000 per student & per level
  • Student's Wolof Book: CFA 3.000 per Unit (there are 3 Units in total)

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Mission and Vision

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Promouvoir la compréhension interculturelle, la justice sociale, la santé et le bien-être des peuples.


Construire des ponts entre les peuples par l'échange culturel, la promotion du bien-être, de la dignité, de la justice, de l'équite et de la paix.


Lillian and GaryLillian Baer and Gary Engelberg met  in 1965 during Peace Corps training.

In 1983, after more than 15 years of experience in Africa,they established Africa Consultants International (ACI), a Dakar-based American NGO where they developed communication, training, study abroad and health activities in Senegal and other countries in West and Central Africa.

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