Health & Development

One of the basic principles of the Health and Development approach practiced by ACI is to place the human being at the center of concerns and analysis.

The use of this approach thus allows to better consider :

  • the dynamics of vulnerability, either at the community level and or at the individual, social or economic level ;
  • the contextual and structural factors that favor or maintain vulnerability ;
  • the socio-economic impact of epidemics in the overal context of human development ;
  • the multiple obstacles to sustainable access to treatment and quality health care services

Through participatory and transformational methodologies the approach also allows

  • to strengthen the level and engagement of involvement of actors and their communities in health interventions
  • to validate their power to act, their  right to choose, and their spirit of initiative
  • to identify and recognize their capacities and resources on the individual and community level
  • to accompany and develop local initiatives

The goal of the approach is to strengthen the capacity of communities to be the motors of their own health