Human Rights Approach

With the quest for social justice at the core of ACI’s mission, the Health and Social Justice Department, through its programs and activities, advocates for marginalized or disadvantaged groups to be able to benefit from their fundamental rights, particularly their right to health.

The Department has advanced the cause of social justice through activities in response to social inequities related to health.  It has contributed, for example, to community development, to their empowerment as motors of their own health, to social participation and finally to local action targeting populations in vulnerable situations.  ACI also acts directly or indirectly on health systems that promote good governance, equity and social justice.  Based on its conviction that social justice and peaceful cooexistence are essential preconditions for community health, ACI’s Department of Health and Social Justice has positioned itself as a resource institution in the area of training in: « Social Justice and Conflict Transformaton » and technical assistance to organizations and networks of organizations intervening in these areas.