Upcoming Language Group Classes!

To satisfy our prospect clients, the ACI Baobab Center has scheduled group language classes starting on June, 1st 2020.

Group Class Schedule:

  • June 1st - July 1st: Beginners French 1&2, and Beginners Wolof
  • August 1st - September 1st: Intermediate French 1&2, and Intermediate Wolof
  • October 1st - November 1st: Advanced French or Wolof

Group Class Details:

  • Classes are offered Monday through Friday, for 4 hours a day
  • The cost of a group class is CFA 8000/per student
  • Registration fees and welcome pack: CFA 17.500
  • Placement Test: CFA 6000
  • French Exercise Book: CFA 21.000 per student & per level
  • Student's Wolof Book: CFA 3.000 per Unit (there are 3 Units in total)

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