Community Approach

ACI believes that no sutainable improvement in health conditions is possible without the investment and work of the communties themselves. Communities need to be involved in the design, programming, impementation and evaluation of national health programs and policies.

Based on this principle, ACI :

  • works with influential people (community actors, opinion leaders, etc) in order to create a multiplier effect that results in a critical mass of people who support the indvidual and social changes needed for the well being of the communities ;
  • provides technical support to civil society actors and organizations so that they develop the real skills needed to act through a community process ;
  • advocate for a favorable environment for major changes in the quality and scope of community responses to epidemics and to health issues.

These projects and programs are developed considering the needs, expectations and specificities of associative partner organizations and the communities from which they emerge.

ACI, in partnership with the private sector, encourages enterprises to develop social and environmenal responsability in their sectors.