Experience and Expertise

Strengths of the Department

Africa Consultants International (ACI) has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise that has allowed it to become a leading institution with clear strengths in the area of Health and Social Justice:

  • 25 years of experience in technical assistance and capacity building in Africa;
  • Commitment, professionalism, a vocation for service and an availability that facilitate the ability to respond to the constant demand for a variety of services from different types of actors, as well as a sensitivity among the members of the team to community issues;
  • A vast network of highly qualified consultants with diverse expertise most of whom are from civil society and are recognized both nationally and internationally;
  • Constant concern to develop innovative, pertinent actions and processes of quality;
  • A resource organization, catalyst that serves as a bridge between the international community and community level associations, that emphasizes partnerships, the creation of strategic alliances, and sharing skills and means among the various actors in order to achieve sustainable results;
  • An extensive network of partners, both strategic and operational, from various sectors.
  • A philosophy of work and approaches to interventions: ACI develops people-centered and community-centered approaches that emphasize their involvement in the interventions, validation of their power to act, their right to choose, and recognition of their skills. The evolution of these strategies is on-going and determined in close collaboration with the concerned communities and the need to always adapt approaches to the realities and needs of ACI’s partners.

Expertise of the Department of Health and Social Justice

The areas of intervention that make up the heart of ACI’s expertise are:

  • capacity building for individuals and empowerment of communities and their ability to act
  • designing, facilitating and monitoring the process of advocacy and policy dialogue
  • sharing experience and expertise among actors and organizations with different profiles
  • creating synergy among actors, building networks and developing partnerships
  • strengthening community and social dialogue
  • strengthening systems, particularly improving the institutional environment of the response to health issues (assistance with processes that should result in structural changes or improved practices and decision making in coordinating bodies.

The members of ACI’s Health and Social Justice team also have experience and expertise in:

  • Training needs analysis; designing, facilitating and monitoring training and training of trainers;
  • Designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating projects and programs;
  • Documenting and capitalizing on experiences;
  • Surveys and studies;
  • Organizing exchange visits;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Developing technical proposals and mobilizing resources; providing assistance in national proposal development for the Global Fund;
  • Developing, producing, adapting and distributing awareness raising/advocacy tools;
  • Organizing, facilitating and moderating seminars/workshops;
  • Writing up reports on workshops and conferences, developing inventories, guides and other normative documents;
  • Transforming research results into user-friendly documents to reach a larger audience;
  • Logistics of expositions, meetings, training seminars and contests.