Academic Courses and Lecture Topics

The Baobab Center’s Experience Senegal Program© staff works with Study Abroad and independent learners to design specialized programs that meet the particular requirements and budgetary constraints of its students. Courses and lectures tailored to specific program are provided by members of the Baobab Center network of university professors and local experts. They are often accompanied by visits to organizations within Dakar or to towns and villages outside Dakar, Lectures may be in French or English. ACI has the capacity and resources to respond to requests for courses or lectures on specific topics.

The most popular lecture topics have included:

  • History of Islam/Religion in Development
  • Environment
  • Senegal's Education System
  • Women in Senegalese society/Role of Women’s Organizations in Development
  • African literature
  • Health Issues in Development
  • Urbanization – Dakar In Transition
  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Art – batik, “sous-verre” painting, pottery, etc.
  • Music, drumming and dancing
  • Panel Discussions with members of the business and development community, U.S. Embassy, etc.