The Home Stay

Students can be placed with host families in the neighborhoods within walking distance of the Baobab Center.
Prior to arriving in Senegal, students receive a profile questionnaire that allows the Baobab Center staff to match them with appropriate families. The host families are carefully screened by ACI and are prepared to handle the dietary and hygiene needs of western students. Though some aspects of this experience may be quite challenging, most study abroad students agree that the home stay is where most of the cultural learning takes place.

Moving into the Home Stay

Before moving in with their host families, students often spend a couple of days at a furnished apartment within walking distance of the Baobab Center. They discuss their expectations and learn tips to facilitate communication and integration with the host family. This time also allows students to recover from travel and jet lag and helps build a strong group dynamic. After their first night with their host family, students reconvene to debrief, discuss initial observations and pose questions to coordinators. ACI works with students to help make the home stay a cultural learning experience, and to resolve any concerns that emerge. For many students, the home stay proves to be one of the most memorable and beneficial components of the program.
If you are considering requesting a homestay, please fill out the profile form available here.